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Over 10 kilometers of trails that wander beside the Nine Mile Creek 

Contact us today with any inquiries or donations!

There is no "honesty box" or membership fees - BUT,  if you love the trails and want to keep them clean and accessible.. 

e transfers to are greatly appreciated!


Cross Country Skiing

We have over 10.5 km of groomed trails available for classic and skate skiers. There are six loops that can be combined or directions changed for great variety.  Trail maps are at all intersectionsand any major hills are pointed out.


Always open to snowshoers,and winter walkers.  Bring your dog and try the box trail up to the picnic table at the end of Grizz loop for a great bit of fresh air!  If you are in for an afternoon, there is a nice bench at the top of Wolverine!  have fun!


Summer time the trails can be wet depending up​on the weather as there are lots of springs.  We try to mow, but the box trail is always open right to the back loop, and has the least wet spots!                                                            


Deer and moose mainly are sharing the space with us all year.​  We have had bears of course in the summer.  Cougars are in the area, seldom seen but you​ should be aware!                                                                                                            

Map of The Area

The red "box trail" - (named for the cart path used in the early 1900's to harvest wood to make the hutches for the mink industry in Slave Lake) has the most beginner terrain.  .  It has a gentle rise right to the back of Wolverine - (where there is a bench for a nice rest!), and then a fun gentle downhill back to where bobcat intersects.   

 Groomers favorite ski :  Take the box trail (and maybe bobcat loop)  all the way to the first intersection of Wolverine,   counter clockwise around wolverine, back to coyote, clockwise around coyote( which is a great gentle downhill), where you pop out on the box trail again.  climb up a bit to trapper intersection - follow trapper down to the creek, and all the way back to the box trail.   If you have any legs left - catch the grizz and yogi on the way home!  

Pets and Quads

As we are not in a provincial park, dogs are allowed off leash.  Please at least toss their poop off the track if they happen to leave a mess!   Signs are posted for motorized vehicles to respect our trails and please not use them.  It takes our volunteer groomers 3 to 4 hours to groom the trails flat and set them.  Feel free to pick up any deadfall that is on the trail - everybit helps!

Take a Look at Our Gallery

maybe a night ski?

even better with fresh snow!​

The parking lot is just off highway#2 - signs on the highway to find us.  The parking lot is a big loop, so easy to access,  even in a small car.  Thanks to our Municipal district #124 boys with the grader for keeping the access clear!   

Take a Look at Our Gallery

trails in the fall

our snocat groomer

This is the box trail in the fall - great for walking.  Spring and fall are when all the work happens.  This is a donation from Dale Giroux and his family - helped us with removing a lot of standing dead trees from the fire in 2011.  

This is our groomer that flattens the trails to 10 ft wide.  After the groomer does it's thing a ski doo and another volunteer follows to set trac to the side of the trail so there is plenty of room for walkers and skate skiers. 

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